November. Being grateful

This month is such a great month to warm you up for the next season. Christmas. The season of giving, remembering Christ and trying to be more like Him. I really do love Thanksgiving. I love reminding myself to be grateful for the wonderful life I was given.

I was blessed to be born into this gospel. I was blessed to be born in America, to an incredible father and loving mother. I was blessed with trials in my family and my life, to strengthen me to be the woman I am today. I was blessed with a healthy body and knowledge of the importance and purpose of my existence on this Earth.

I was blog hopping (yes that would be blog stalking in some people’s books. nbd. I am not a creep) and I came across this girl’s blog and she intrigued me. I kept reading and reading. First off she lives the life I always wanted to live. (Thou shalt not covet. I know. It is not coveting, quite yet) She lives in NYC with her husband and two kids. They are adorable. All of them. I was so intrigued I kept reading from the early days of her blogging. I came across some really amazing things. One that touched me the most was this article on eternal marriage by Richard G. Scott. I won’t deny it. I cried. First, when elderly men speak about the love between them and their wife, it is the most tender, heart touching thing I can come across- Next to new born babies of course. ( 🙂 ) Second, his words are undeniably the sweetest, most sincere words of love for his late wife and that kind of love is why I am writing this post. I feel like that is the love we all work for. Readin this post made me grasp onto a few things I could definitely work on. The one thing I love about reading words of such wise men, is that no matter who reads the articles, they will get something beneficial from it. Each person needs to hear something different for whatever trial/decision/opportunity, they are facing at that time. I know what I got out of this article. I hope it benefits anyone else who reads this. Enjoy 🙂 I know I did.


Happy November! Turkey day in 11 days 🙂

Here are some photos of life lately.

P.S. I will blog about Ty’s SURPRISE 25th Birthday party later. I didn’t get pics so I am kinda upset about it. Sore subject.

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