Showering the Babe

NOPE she isn’t here yet to actually “shower”. But I had the most INCREDIBLE showers given by my family and friends.

My first shower was end of June and was held at my Aunt’s house. All my aunts, cousins and cousin in laws came to shower this little girl. I was extremely grateful for all that they gave us to help us start this new journey of parenthood. Everything from blankets, clothes, diapers to a bumbo and my diaper bag! It was excellent. Couldn’t have asked for anything more.


My next shower was put on by my sweet sister in laws, Erica & Ashley, and my friends Victoria & Haley. It was AMAZING. So cute. Decorated adorable, great food/treats and so many wonderful people came to show their love & support to us {Ty, myself and Susan — her awesome friends came!} Here are a few pics of the amazingness of it 🙂

IMG_6580 IMG_6582


IMG_6584 IMG_6586


IMG_6590 IMG_6591


IMG_6594 IMG_6600


See I wasn’t joking. INCREDIBLE. It was so beautifully done. Loved everything about it.

OH and of course I was really tickled with all the gifts I was given…as you can tell (my expressions..oh gosh):


I was stoked about the books – especially that “I love you forever” book. I was brought up with that book.



cutest baby toms. swoon. thanks Kimmy.


baby moccs with the cutest jean dress AND the hat. I was in complete bliss. Victoria knows her stuff

IMG_6692 IMG_6693




My bestest girlfriend from age 11 (Devin) got me the most adorable gift basket full of so many goodies. A cool rubber ducky that gauges if the water is OK or too HOT, onesies galore, books and a lullaby seahorse — AND more. She is a keeper. All of my girlfriends that came are so amazing. They were all so sweet to help out in any way — taking pics, setting up, pitching in and THEN showering us. Girlfriends are the best.

This little unborn child of mine was very spoiled with many new clothes, blankets, toys, her stroller and just love. We are so incredibly grateful to have all these amazing things gifted to us. I think about how Tyler’s cousins from Denmark asked what a shower even was when they were visiting…{it is apparently an American tradition}. It really is such a sweet & great idea to help a couple that is about to embark on raising their first child. I know I surely appreciate it. I think it is all so overwhelming so any little bit helps.

My favorite questions I get  these days is “So are you feeling ready??” It is so hard to answer that because I feel I am ready to hold her and I mostly feel ready to go through labor — but again how can you ever REALLY be ready for your first child? I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know what it will all entail and I am always pushing all my fears aside about what happens after she is finally in this world. [Will she be healthy? Will she be one of those rare cases of diseases that you read on blogs about? Will she be a good sleeper? Will I be able to breastfeed? How easily will I adjust to this motherhood thing? Blah blah…] Like I said — I push all those things aside because I know going into this with open eyes and ready for whatever comes is my only real option. Can’t stress about something I ultimately can’t control.

What I can control is my state of mind. I am continually trying to keep my state of mind positive and clear. And that is what I am doing.

Now with only 18 more days until this little girls due date I have PLENTY to do but far less to stress about buying before she gets here thanks to the wonderful showers. I do however have a house to sign on (once it is done) and then moving…gotta love our timing 🙂 Wish us luck!

{Here is the house’s update}





Sneak peek of maternity pics that Melissa with Moxie Photography did for us:

**more to come 🙂