November. Being grateful

This month is such a great month to warm you up for the next season. Christmas. The season of giving, remembering Christ and trying to be more like Him. I really do love Thanksgiving. I love reminding myself to be grateful for the wonderful life I was given.

I was blessed to be born into this gospel. I was blessed to be born in America, to an incredible father and loving mother. I was blessed with trials in my family and my life, to strengthen me to be the woman I am today. I was blessed with a healthy body and knowledge of the importance and purpose of my existence on this Earth.

I was blog hopping (yes that would be blog stalking in some people’s books. nbd. I am not a creep) and I came across this girl’s blog and she intrigued me. I kept reading and reading. First off she lives the life I always wanted to live. (Thou shalt not covet. I know. It is not coveting, quite yet) She lives in NYC with her husband and two kids. They are adorable. All of them. I was so intrigued I kept reading from the early days of her blogging. I came across some really amazing things. One that touched me the most was this article on eternal marriage by Richard G. Scott. I won’t deny it. I cried. First, when elderly men speak about the love between them and their wife, it is the most tender, heart touching thing I can come across- Next to new born babies of course. ( 🙂 ) Second, his words are undeniably the sweetest, most sincere words of love for his late wife and that kind of love is why I am writing this post. I feel like that is the love we all work for. Readin this post made me grasp onto a few things I could definitely work on. The one thing I love about reading words of such wise men, is that no matter who reads the articles, they will get something beneficial from it. Each person needs to hear something different for whatever trial/decision/opportunity, they are facing at that time. I know what I got out of this article. I hope it benefits anyone else who reads this. Enjoy 🙂 I know I did.


Happy November! Turkey day in 11 days 🙂

Here are some photos of life lately.

P.S. I will blog about Ty’s SURPRISE 25th Birthday party later. I didn’t get pics so I am kinda upset about it. Sore subject.

Our Weekend

I am starting this month off with a grateful post:

  • Tyler. I can always count on him for a smile no matter the time or place. He is so hardworking and dedicated. He is very talented and keeps me feeling silly & young 🙂
  • Amazing family, both Tyler and mine.
  • Incredible friends who we love being able to have fun and laugh with.
  • Healthy and {mostly} functional body
  • To be capable of working and for Tyler getting an education
  • All our awesome opportunities and talents we are given
  • The gospel and Jesus Christ’s example of selfless & unconditional love & sacrifice.
  • My future

{Pics from the UVEF Event honoring the Osmonds (George & Olive Osmond). Sushi with friends. Provo Beach Resort surf, bowl & games with Jeff & Victoria. Ty and I being us.}

Why I love STG

STG. What is that? Nope not a disease. Just my lazy way of saying St. George. Actually it is a lot of people’s lazy way of saying St. George. Most of those people are from STG 🙂 which gives us the right to call our town whatever we want. Kind of like fat people being able to call themselves fat but when other people do it, it is more frowned upon. (Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect comes to mind. Great movie!)

Ty and I went to St. George a weekend ago. Left Friday after work and the adventure began!

Reasons for loving STG:


1) Spending time with my fam AKA being spoiled for the weekend 🙂

2) Food. Cookies. Eating. ALL the time.

3) The weather

4) Active Adventures

5) TV and being lazy

I realize that 3 & 4 totally contradict one another but it makes complete sense in my books. It has an easy explanation. We always do something active, whether it be a hike, run, bike, gym or race, THEN we top that off with a movie, games or just lounging around together watching The Real Housewives of Miami. This trip was a MIDNIGHT “spooky” 5K with a pre-game dinner & lounge sesh 🙂

The 5K was actually a lot of fun. I guess I legitimately took first place in female overall? The moral of this story is like that of the tortoise and the hare but a little twisted. So don’t run with the sprinters because they run too fast and loop twice instead of being directed on a different loop. Luckily, my mom and I stuck together and went on the right route. Thus why I won. My husby wasn’t so lucky. He decided he wanted to run this 5K as fast as he could. Then it ended up turning into a 7K for him….it was actually very amusing seeing him look mind boggled as to why he was crossing the finish line after me. You live and you learn. haha




I went to the Nook with my mom and later we all went to see the movie, Fun Size. It was alright. Funny parts but not blog worthy so done with that. Later in the evening, Ty, Sam & I went to my dads to have a Halloween party. We carved pumpkins to enter into their Pumpkin contest (Ty carved ours cuz I am not a legit artist like him). Made caramel apples and had some fun. The contest was judged by one of Sydney’s family friends. Their was awards for the most creative, the spookiest, the most “wicked” BUT the overall winner was……TYLER and I! Whoot whoot! Man it is great having such an artsy husband. Pays off 😉 {He doesn’t cut into the pumpkin as much as he sculpts it into what he wants it to be. This year it was a Shrek/Frankenstein Vampire guy. Shrankenpire 🙂

It really is always so much fun to go down and spend time with my family. Who doesn’t like being spoiled for the weekend. Wish we could stay longer sometimes. (Christmas time we will stay longer!)



And by the end of this trip, this guy was tuckered out….we love to take pics of each other asleep. For some weird reason we find it hilarious to show the other person. {His pics of me asleep are always better. I sleep like a crazy person. Not even embarrassed}