4 years. cuatro años.

4 years of marriage with this man

ty ty3

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Had our first married adventures in Knoxville {and on the way there & back}

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Came back to Utah. Worked hard. Played hard. Ty got himself graduated.

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We decided to increase the love and make a baby to share it with 🙂

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Had our sweet little girl, Avyn. Ty started his job(s). We bought our first house. Life got crazy, fun & busy.



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Seriously. There is no one that could actually tell you what marriage REALLY takes because everyone’s marriage is different, fundamentally you all need the same things but our experiences together are not ever going to be exactly what other people go through and how they handle them will be different too. It’s had its hard days, its life changing lessons, days where my heart feels so full I can’t help but look out into the world smiling and feel so grateful for what I have been given. I love him more now than I did 4 years ago. Even 6 years ago when I first met him. We have both changed for the better, he is still my silly, fun loving Ty but he has grown as a man. I know I have changed — hopefully for the better 🙂

It’s a new kind of love each phase of life we go through. Dating was that fresh, new love. Marriage was that tunnel vision, crazy intense, happy newlywed love. Today I love seeing him as my baby daddy. I love seeing him work hard and be successful. I love having goals and hopes for our future life with our kids and also after kids. I can’t imagine this journey of marriage and life with anyone else. Eternity will be incredible with you Tyler Jordan. I love you always & forever.


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Ty’s SURPRISE Birthday Party

Well now that it is nearly a month later I will share this event quickly with you before talking about other snippets from our life.

I am NOT very good at keeping surprises. Either I wig out and my mood/actions will ruin the surprise or I just would rather it be fun instead of stressing about it being a perfect surprise so I just tell them. So I was slightly impressed by my ability to make this 25th Birthday Surprise happen! BUT I must thank those who helped make sure it happened smoothly (namely Ty’s friends, Jeff, Matt, Matson, Spencer AND even more so for their wives/girlfriends who helped me, Victoria, Lexi, Erica and my lil sister, Marissa) (AND thanks to Ash & Nolan for detangling those dang balloons)

The plan was Ty’s friends were taking him out for his bday and all the girls were going to a movie. Then we would call him after our “movie” and the boys would be back at Ty’s parents house watching the basketball game. When I went to leave for the “movie”, Ty didn’t ask what movie, what time…nothing! I even had valid answers for if he did. NOPE. Unnecessary with my easy going husband 🙂

I used the balloons from his actual bday for decorations, made some treats & waited for the boys to get done with Tucanos. They were all inside watching the game at the Richard’s. I called Ty and told him we were done with our movie and all the girls wanted a treat and that his mom said there was caramel apples out in the pool house refrigerator. So I said can you go get those out and let them warm up? He grudgingly said yes (no joke like even sighed). So we all waited in the pool house for like 5 more minutes and finally he headed out to the pool house. He opened the door and we hear “come on Rookie!” (in his Rookie talking voice which was kinda funny) Then he went to turn on the lights and I turned them on (dumb me. Will tell you why later) and everyone yelled SURPRISE!! He nearly jumped out of his skin. He jumped back and held his heart. Almost gave him a heart attack apparently. He had no idea 🙂 Mission accomplished. Thanks all!

We had a fun rest of the night with treats, guessing game (hot tamales & peach o’s), a round or two of couches then the boys wanted to go watch the end of the Jazz game. So they did and the girls played Telestrations.

NOW onto why I am so dumb. Why did I have to turn on the lights you ask? Don’t know. Guess I thought it would be better? Now looking back I should have been back there with everyone else so I could take pictures because….NO ONE did. Nope. My bad for not thinking of asking or doing it myself but literally I took 2 pictures the ENTIRE night. I am dumb. DUMB. Oh well. Can’t change it now. All I can do is blog about it so in 25 more years I can remember my mistakes 🙂

Our Weekend

I am starting this month off with a grateful post:

  • Tyler. I can always count on him for a smile no matter the time or place. He is so hardworking and dedicated. He is very talented and keeps me feeling silly & young 🙂
  • Amazing family, both Tyler and mine.
  • Incredible friends who we love being able to have fun and laugh with.
  • Healthy and {mostly} functional body
  • To be capable of working and for Tyler getting an education
  • All our awesome opportunities and talents we are given
  • The gospel and Jesus Christ’s example of selfless & unconditional love & sacrifice.
  • My future

{Pics from the UVEF Event honoring the Osmonds (George & Olive Osmond). Sushi with friends. Provo Beach Resort surf, bowl & games with Jeff & Victoria. Ty and I being us.}