Written by my one and only: (you can also find where I stole this from by going to http://www.trich.me/about.html )

In every aspect of the word Nicole is every man’s dream. She loves to cook, and her Pinterest recipes board can back that up. She has the biggest heart you’ll ever see. She loves to organize and clean everything and anything. Then on top of all of that, she is a hard worker.

Her roots are placed in St.George, Ut where she grew up, and because of it she loves the heat. Her family takes a trip to Lake Powellevery year and she loves every second. She loves to lay in the sun and do typical girly things. Nicole’s addiction is shopping online and she is famously known for her quote “It’s just so easy!”

Nicole loves her husband, even when he acts like a crazy. Nicole was set up with Tyler back in 2009, and they have been together ever since.

She is almost always the amusing one, especially to her husband, bytrying new things and always being in a good mood. Nicole loves traveling as well! Her two top places are Cancun and her beloved New York. She has big dreams of living in big city some day, but first she wants to start a family. Some call it baby hungry, but she calls it “an anxious mother”.

NOW for my about written by me:

My new motivational phrase for my life is “Focus on the Good.” It can be used in any aspect of life. Using advice from a wise friend, the best way to focus on the good is to be able to name 3 good things about what doesn’t seem so good. BUT since I am a real person you will get 3 good and 3 not so good about me 🙂

1. Optimistic
2. Dedicated
3. People pleaser

1. People pleaser (both a blessing and a curse)
2. Overly competitive
3. Don’t like being criticized

Although I work on those not so good to try and make more good…somethings are  easier said than done.

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