4 years. cuatro años.

4 years of marriage with this man

ty ty3

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Had our first married adventures in Knoxville {and on the way there & back}

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Came back to Utah. Worked hard. Played hard. Ty got himself graduated.

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We decided to increase the love and make a baby to share it with 🙂

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Had our sweet little girl, Avyn. Ty started his job(s). We bought our first house. Life got crazy, fun & busy.



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Seriously. There is no one that could actually tell you what marriage REALLY takes because everyone’s marriage is different, fundamentally you all need the same things but our experiences together are not ever going to be exactly what other people go through and how they handle them will be different too. It’s had its hard days, its life changing lessons, days where my heart feels so full I can’t help but look out into the world smiling and feel so grateful for what I have been given. I love him more now than I did 4 years ago. Even 6 years ago when I first met him. We have both changed for the better, he is still my silly, fun loving Ty but he has grown as a man. I know I have changed — hopefully for the better 🙂

It’s a new kind of love each phase of life we go through. Dating was that fresh, new love. Marriage was that tunnel vision, crazy intense, happy newlywed love. Today I love seeing him as my baby daddy. I love seeing him work hard and be successful. I love having goals and hopes for our future life with our kids and also after kids. I can’t imagine this journey of marriage and life with anyone else. Eternity will be incredible with you Tyler Jordan. I love you always & forever.


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Ready or Not…

Not ready. nope.

She got teeth! Her two bottom teethers came in at around 7 1/2 months. {She is yet to bite me –hallelujah – cross our fingers}



{this was when they were baby buds coming through} {ps it is crazy how one day they are nonexistent then BAM they are there!}

So what do you ask am I not ready for? {since the teeth already came} Her to walk! I know my life will completely change once her mobility increases. Right now I have a roller and a scooter/pivoter. I know there are MANY fun new pros to having a walking babe like more independence & their happiness being able to get to things — but that makes me have to be chasing her nonstop. I am excited but fearful.

This little lovable monster loves to screech, holler, hum and blabber 🙂 and I love it. She is ever so curious. I can see her little brain working always.


She cracks me up daily with her silly face expressions and has started fake laughing or making a scrunched nose smile.

She is eating solid foods and loving it. Sweet potatoes are her fav. She likes oatmeal now {had to try it a couple times}. She loved oranges once upon a time — now she isn’t a fan. grapes, avocado, asparagus, prune baby food, apple sauce, crackers etc.

We had a little trip down to STG while Ty was out of town. Enjoyed the sunny weather. She got herself some Vitamin D and some Grandma Gibson time & Grandpa Gibson & Sydney time! She rocks that babykini like a model 🙂

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We have gone on a hike with Lex. I did some training with Victoria. Had a nice walk to Bridal Veil Falls with Ty. Celebrated Provo’s Birthday @ DevMountain with the Mayor.

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Also monumental moment {because its few & far between when I even see her} we got to have Avyn meet her Great Grandma Gibson who is 95 years old!


Now I am 8 months going on 8 years! JK that isn’t funny. But she is growing up before my eyes. I can see that sassy sweet spirit coming out. She is going to be incredibly independent one of these days and I am gonna cry about it I just know it. I play dress up with her now ALL the time because I have a feeling she is going to be defiant in letting me do so later…

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Mom putting me in U attire to make dad crazy 🙂 but he still loves her and buys her pretty flowers.

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I have a blessed life. grateful for it and all those in it. happy mama.

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