Ready or Not…

Not ready. nope.

She got teeth! Her two bottom teethers came in at around 7 1/2 months. {She is yet to bite me –hallelujah – cross our fingers}



{this was when they were baby buds coming through} {ps it is crazy how one day they are nonexistent then BAM they are there!}

So what do you ask am I not ready for? {since the teeth already came} Her to walk! I know my life will completely change once her mobility increases. Right now I have a roller and a scooter/pivoter. I know there are MANY fun new pros to having a walking babe like more independence & their happiness being able to get to things — but that makes me have to be chasing her nonstop. I am excited but fearful.

This little lovable monster loves to screech, holler, hum and blabber 🙂 and I love it. She is ever so curious. I can see her little brain working always.


She cracks me up daily with her silly face expressions and has started fake laughing or making a scrunched nose smile.

She is eating solid foods and loving it. Sweet potatoes are her fav. She likes oatmeal now {had to try it a couple times}. She loved oranges once upon a time — now she isn’t a fan. grapes, avocado, asparagus, prune baby food, apple sauce, crackers etc.

We had a little trip down to STG while Ty was out of town. Enjoyed the sunny weather. She got herself some Vitamin D and some Grandma Gibson time & Grandpa Gibson & Sydney time! She rocks that babykini like a model 🙂

IMG_0364 IMG_0413 IMG_0379 IMG_0410 IMG_0345 IMG_0362 IMG_0408


We have gone on a hike with Lex. I did some training with Victoria. Had a nice walk to Bridal Veil Falls with Ty. Celebrated Provo’s Birthday @ DevMountain with the Mayor.

IMG_0455 IMG_0466 IMG_0471 IMG_0482 IMG_0591 IMG_0538 IMG_0590IMG_0454

Also monumental moment {because its few & far between when I even see her} we got to have Avyn meet her Great Grandma Gibson who is 95 years old!


Now I am 8 months going on 8 years! JK that isn’t funny. But she is growing up before my eyes. I can see that sassy sweet spirit coming out. She is going to be incredibly independent one of these days and I am gonna cry about it I just know it. I play dress up with her now ALL the time because I have a feeling she is going to be defiant in letting me do so later…

IMG_0542 IMG_0533

Mom putting me in U attire to make dad crazy 🙂 but he still loves her and buys her pretty flowers.

IMG_0503 IMG_0478

I have a blessed life. grateful for it and all those in it. happy mama.

IMG_0305 IMG_0326