loving the growing pains

Oh how easy it is to laugh at what I just said. Who loves pain? Why would you? Well since becoming a mama I have found that pain is inevitable but how we grow from the pain is what will determine what kind of mom/person we will be.

Not only is that sweet babe continually growing. nonstop. In every single way. Height, weight, hair, head, feet. Intellectually, emotionally, language, facial expressions. Learning everything from how to be nice to how to listen to and respond to mom/dad. BUT we are growing with them. Avyn is teaching me daily how to be more patient, how to love more, be a better person to not only her, but her dad and all those around me. She is always watching me and viewing me as her example. She uses me as her guide on how to act and react. Means I need to be on my A game — let’s be honest though that doesn’t happen everyday. Luckily there is a tomorrow to try again and work harder at being better.

So how can you not like these growing pains? Yes they test your patience and it makes you feel like you can’t do anything right BUT those sweet little brains are not meant to remember those early days {thank the heavens} which means you get to keep improving and growing each chance you decide to.

I have grown for the better and I can only thank my little Avyn for helping me realize I needed to.

Guess that is motherhood. The good and the not so good. It’s all worth it when your heart is bursting at the seams when you relive moments from pictures you captured {like these}

IMG_7891 IMG_4105 IMG_4100 IMG_4099IMG_2869IMG_3893IMG_3459IMG_3530IMG_3509IMG_3521IMG_3520IMG_3499IMG_3553IMG_3812


She is my daily reminder to be better. To be happy. To love more. To show her what is good. I love her.

my avyn

These are the things I want to remember about Avyn how she is right now.

  • loves to snuggle stuffed animals and blankets
  • waving “hi” to anyone and everyone
  • squeaks and squeels real loud randomly — I call it her energy bursts (like her dada’s “tretz”)
  • LOVES dogs. anytime she see or hears one she “ruff ruff”s” — with her arm jerks too hahaha
  • crawls EVERYWHERE nonstop. up and down stairs. over and TRIES to go under things
  • big fan of playing outside in dirt. enjoyes finding rocks or small things (leaves etc)
  • her sound effects, the best one is her “ahhhh” {the total shocked and stoked}
  • in the evening she looks up into the sky and finds the silouette of the moon and points and does her “uahhh” sound. melt.
  • right before bed time she now snuggles me in her blanket on my shoulder. i die.
  • her walk is hilarious. she like high steps and its so funny to watch her be a little human
  • she dances ALL the time. and I love it immensely. shaking/shimmying her shoulders
  • already being a little sass and giving a little tude {throwing her hands out around her like a no no no. pushing you away. whining and say no to food because she wants yours}
  • Traveled on her first airplane to the east coast then to the WEST coast HAWAII
  • Loves watching little kids (like Nicholas) is super amused by them and wants to be friends but if they get too close she doesn’t like them getting in her bubble (trying to hold her or touch her face hahaha)
  • calls ALL birds “ducks” and I die each time because its so cute
  • she has the cheesiest grin she has started doing recently and I love it
  • found out she isn’t a fan of sand or the ocean
  • can be super sweet and “soft” if you ask her to be 🙂

MXP_6082 MXP_6097 MXP_6119 MXP_6209 MXP_6260 IMG_3156 IMG_3166IMG_3162 IMG_2936 IMG_2962 IMG_2966


mommy life: I have a 6 month old…say WHAT?

wow. I am completely baffled at how I all of a sudden have a 6 month old  <insert shocked emoticon here>


time has flown and somedays it was hard and long…but now looking back I feel like where and how did she become so big already? she is the best thing to wake up to in the morning. ALL smiles and chitty chat bug. I love it. I think she got her “morning person” from me. I am more of a morning person {not that I can’t handle nights but I say sleep when its dark ya know? haha}

as of today she is sitting up on her own. ROLLING over. babbling in the mirror to herself. saying “da da” “ga ga” “ya ya”. playing with her cute chubby toes all the time. big time thrill seeker — she laughs when you scare her with big boo’s and loud noises. still a nursing champ and only tolerates trying that “food” stuff. still drooling like a fool. those teeth gotta be coming in hot sometime soon…and she now has her ears pierced 🙂 that was our mommy daughter date.

IMG_9682 IMG_9778 IMG_9637IMG_9632IMG_9760IMG_9676

can’t even begin to imagine life without her. she brightens our days with her sweet smile and sparkly eyes. {sounds gay but I say they sparkle so judge me. I’m her adoring mom :)} looking forward to each new stage. wish me luck. this week I attempt traveling to grandma’s with just her & I (AND my cute little nephew Nicholas — practicing for when I enter the new world of MULTIPLE kids….whoa too fast) Updates later on that adventure 🙂

IMG_9711 IMG_9738

>>update: WHOA so not ready for multiple kids. It was a fun adventure but in NO way is this mama ready for another. not now at least. good practice but I will just keep it at that. Although Avyn found Nicholas hilarious {Nicholas decided to splash crazy like in the tub and little miss encourager laughed hysterically so it kept it going…which was funny. Grandma had fun with that watery mess} the drive down was pretty good. Nicholas kept her entertained. Nicholas cracked me up cuz at 4am he said “hello?? hello?” so I told him to go back to bed… then at 6:30am I hear “HELLO? Is it time to wake up?” haha so I obliged. let him go chase “yoona” around 🙂 crawl through her doggie door and run around like a crazy little boy. good times. then mom & I ran 12 miles while papa played gpapa.

>> NEXT post. CALIfornia with the babe 🙂



each person is going to experience this journey of motherhood differently but what all of us are, is the same in one way — we are a little humans world. right now I am who Avyn is dependent on. she trusts me that I will feed her, keep her clean, safe and happy. ME. yes I am in charge of doing that all for this little one. it’s so weird. not the actual actions that I have to perform but the fact that we have that connection. it is now a bond we will always have, I am her mother. always will be. she will probably one day fight with me, make me worry immensely about her future, give me lots of sass and drama, think that she hates me — maybe even write about it in her journal — but I cannot wait until one day I get to watch her become a mother herself. because if her child makes her anywhere near as happy as she has made me {which I am guessing will happen} then I cannot wait for her to feel that joy.

IMG_8728IMG_8735 IMG_8670IMG_8467IMG_8477IMG_8451IMG_8457IMG_8343IMG_8550IMG_8596

so far we have had SO many explosions – some even on my clothes – lots of naps together, swam, cooed & had many fun new first times together. she celebrated my birthday with us. she had her first halloween {scuba diver/lion — couldn’t decide which one to do} first PRO sports game supporting the REAL Soccer team. met her cousin Nicholas for the first time. gained some chub and we love that — more cheekees to kiss!

{last doc appt @ 2 months: 12 lbs 15 oz = 89% of “average” weight; 22.75 in = 70%; head size: 15.25 inch = 86%}



she loves to have dance parties with me. i think she really just likes seeing me dance around with her singing like a fool. she likest bath time. she is sleeping in her crib and has been for awhile. she sleeps typically a good 8-10 hours. she loves daddy’s goofy sounds & play time with her. she enjoys her bouncer and has started using her hands to grab at the toys which I call her “friends”. she loves bright colors especially orange.  she is drooling like a master or just like a teething baby…not sure yet if she is actually teething. scared for teeth…only time will tell.


I am going to be real. Being a mom is tough business. long days. being the food source and having someone dependent on you. crying as communication to let you know what they need. rough. BUT It’s definitely worth it because you get to see your own little human you created grow, learn and experience the world. then to see their smiles and hear their giggles. SO worth it. I could melt every time she smiles and giggles. can’t wait until it’s more often. or when she says cute things. {maybe mama? 🙂 }

IMG_8845 IMG_8857 IMG_8849 (1)IMG_8894IMG_8893 IMG_8885

she is 3 months old now and I had no idea this little girl would become my world like she has. constantly taking pics and videos of her. I definitely am bias and think she is way more awesome than she probably is haha 🙂 but I love it. I also love seeing her be loved by so many others. Her grandparents on both sides are so loving & dote on her lots! Her aunties & uncles all love her bunches. Then don’t get me started on her papa. He loves her so. And there are no words for how much I love little miss Avyn Mae. so excited for the next 3 months…and so on!


{-October’s Very Own-}

That is me 🙂 {OVO}

The wonderful month of October has begun. Not only is it my BIRTH month…but it is the most exquisite month for weather. I LOVE fall. I love the leaves changing colors. I love the crisp cool nights. I love random RAIN storms (not snow) I love the smells. Pumpkin cookies, hot cocoa, fires, baked goods. That is what October means to me.

I love that I get to have this month for my birth month. So life has changed since I last posted.

Ty is a busy man. He is juggling a lot on his plate. Working the 8-5 then doing coding class Tuesday-Thursday nights {and Saturday morning}. He got a great job with a company called Tute Genomics. Working as a Director of Business Development. Then he started the company Dev Mountain with a few guys {http://devmounta.in} and since it is a school where they teach you how to code/program websites etc. Ty wanted to be involved but also take the course so he could program himself. SO basically I get my husband Monday nights and partial weekends. Rough life. But that is the life of an entrepreneur wife. Sorry for rhyming 🙂

I have learned to pass my time with crafts, cleaning, extra gym sessions or longer ones, and working longer. Plus I am enjoying my wonderful October.

I do love October but I think this is going to also be a hard month for my family. My aunt Linda was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March and has made a turn for the worse this past week. Sadly, I think this will be the month she leaves us. I have seen how hard it is on her own kids and husband but also her sisters. My mom has had a very rough time with it. Many tears of sadness and frustration have been shed. I haven’t lost any immediate family yet so this will be the first. Both grandparents are alive and no one else has passed that I can recall {age 4 – great grandpa doesn’t count since I don’t REALLY remember it or him}. She has a Legs for Linda run coming up on the 26th, she is now not expected to be able to attend. I know everyone is given different trials in this life, I hope she is sent straight to heaven for having to endure cancer twice, two different types.

All in all, I am ready for the next month. Mostly because everyday I am feeling very grateful for so many different things and I love that there is a holiday to help us remember that feeling. Next post will be a post of gratitude 😉

Life lately:

IMG_6348 IMG_6363 IMG_6371 IMG_6397 IMG_6412 IMG_6426 IMG_6431 IMG_6436 Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 8.28.17 PM


[p.s. totally stole that amazing quote from a girl’s insta post. OH and that amazing fall road pic. swiped. haha]