my avyn

These are the things I want to remember about Avyn how she is right now.

  • loves to snuggle stuffed animals and blankets
  • waving “hi” to anyone and everyone
  • squeaks and squeels real loud randomly — I call it her energy bursts (like her dada’s “tretz”)
  • LOVES dogs. anytime she see or hears one she “ruff ruff”s” — with her arm jerks too hahaha
  • crawls EVERYWHERE nonstop. up and down stairs. over and TRIES to go under things
  • big fan of playing outside in dirt. enjoyes finding rocks or small things (leaves etc)
  • her sound effects, the best one is her “ahhhh” {the total shocked and stoked}
  • in the evening she looks up into the sky and finds the silouette of the moon and points and does her “uahhh” sound. melt.
  • right before bed time she now snuggles me in her blanket on my shoulder. i die.
  • her walk is hilarious. she like high steps and its so funny to watch her be a little human
  • she dances ALL the time. and I love it immensely. shaking/shimmying her shoulders
  • already being a little sass and giving a little tude {throwing her hands out around her like a no no no. pushing you away. whining and say no to food because she wants yours}
  • Traveled on her first airplane to the east coast then to the WEST coast HAWAII
  • Loves watching little kids (like Nicholas) is super amused by them and wants to be friends but if they get too close she doesn’t like them getting in her bubble (trying to hold her or touch her face hahaha)
  • calls ALL birds “ducks” and I die each time because its so cute
  • she has the cheesiest grin she has started doing recently and I love it
  • found out she isn’t a fan of sand or the ocean
  • can be super sweet and “soft” if you ask her to be 🙂

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