loving the growing pains

Oh how easy it is to laugh at what I just said. Who loves pain? Why would you? Well since becoming a mama I have found that pain is inevitable but how we grow from the pain is what will determine what kind of mom/person we will be.

Not only is that sweet babe continually growing. nonstop. In every single way. Height, weight, hair, head, feet. Intellectually, emotionally, language, facial expressions. Learning everything from how to be nice to how to listen to and respond to mom/dad. BUT we are growing with them. Avyn is teaching me daily how to be more patient, how to love more, be a better person to not only her, but her dad and all those around me. She is always watching me and viewing me as her example. She uses me as her guide on how to act and react. Means I need to be on my A game — let’s be honest though that doesn’t happen everyday. Luckily there is a tomorrow to try again and work harder at being better.

So how can you not like these growing pains? Yes they test your patience and it makes you feel like you can’t do anything right BUT those sweet little brains are not meant to remember those early days {thank the heavens} which means you get to keep improving and growing each chance you decide to.

I have grown for the better and I can only thank my little Avyn for helping me realize I needed to.

Guess that is motherhood. The good and the not so good. It’s all worth it when your heart is bursting at the seams when you relive moments from pictures you captured {like these}

IMG_7891 IMG_4105 IMG_4100 IMG_4099IMG_2869IMG_3893IMG_3459IMG_3530IMG_3509IMG_3521IMG_3520IMG_3499IMG_3553IMG_3812


She is my daily reminder to be better. To be happy. To love more. To show her what is good. I love her.

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