each person is going to experience this journey of motherhood differently but what all of us are, is the same in one way — we are a little humans world. right now I am who Avyn is dependent on. she trusts me that I will feed her, keep her clean, safe and happy. ME. yes I am in charge of doing that all for this little one. it’s so weird. not the actual actions that I have to perform but the fact that we have that connection. it is now a bond we will always have, I am her mother. always will be. she will probably one day fight with me, make me worry immensely about her future, give me lots of sass and drama, think that she hates me — maybe even write about it in her journal — but I cannot wait until one day I get to watch her become a mother herself. because if her child makes her anywhere near as happy as she has made me {which I am guessing will happen} then I cannot wait for her to feel that joy.

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so far we have had SO many explosions – some even on my clothes – lots of naps together, swam, cooed & had many fun new first times together. she celebrated my birthday with us. she had her first halloween {scuba diver/lion — couldn’t decide which one to do} first PRO sports game supporting the REAL Soccer team. met her cousin Nicholas for the first time. gained some chub and we love that — more cheekees to kiss!

{last doc appt @ 2 months: 12 lbs 15 oz = 89% of “average” weight; 22.75 in = 70%; head size: 15.25 inch = 86%}



she loves to have dance parties with me. i think she really just likes seeing me dance around with her singing like a fool. she likest bath time. she is sleeping in her crib and has been for awhile. she sleeps typically a good 8-10 hours. she loves daddy’s goofy sounds & play time with her. she enjoys her bouncer and has started using her hands to grab at the toys which I call her “friends”. she loves bright colors especially orange.  she is drooling like a master or just like a teething baby…not sure yet if she is actually teething. scared for teeth…only time will tell.


I am going to be real. Being a mom is tough business. long days. being the food source and having someone dependent on you. crying as communication to let you know what they need. rough. BUT It’s definitely worth it because you get to see your own little human you created grow, learn and experience the world. then to see their smiles and hear their giggles. SO worth it. I could melt every time she smiles and giggles. can’t wait until it’s more often. or when she says cute things. {maybe mama? 🙂 }

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she is 3 months old now and I had no idea this little girl would become my world like she has. constantly taking pics and videos of her. I definitely am bias and think she is way more awesome than she probably is haha 🙂 but I love it. I also love seeing her be loved by so many others. Her grandparents on both sides are so loving & dote on her lots! Her aunties & uncles all love her bunches. Then don’t get me started on her papa. He loves her so. And there are no words for how much I love little miss Avyn Mae. so excited for the next 3 months…and so on!


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