Much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving 2012

What did the Chicago Bulls do in ’91 and ’92? What did the Green Bay Packers do in ’66 and ’67?

WELL if you can guess that this trivia question was what eventually enlightened us that we were going to Cancun again for Thanksgiving. YOU would be spot on! Like for real, you are a genius if you figured that one out without me saying anything else.

John kept nudging us trying to get us to say back to back AND finally someone did. AND as soon as whoever said that….I KNEW it. We were going to Cancun again! I was stoked. Cancun is a blast. Who can complain about a vacation right near Christmas with sunshine, warmth, family, fun, sand, laying out, reading, eating, happy hour, beach volleyball, sand castles, tennis, card games and much more? NOT I! I am more grateful than words can say to my in-laws for doing this  again this year. It really is a wonderful time for all of us.

Here it is. Cancun Thanksgiving 2012 Part 1.

We played a ton of beach volleyball and tennis. Games were played just as frequently. During lunch, by the pool, waiting for others to get ready. I definitely love it but I find by the end of the week my competition tank is empty.

We found these cute little turtles by the pool that we played with and took some pics with 🙂 You would have thought we all have never seen a live turtle. We are funny.

I took many sky/beach/our view shots. I just get so taken back with the beauty Cancun has. We try to stick around for happy hour which is FREE chips & salsa and half off drinks (strawberry coladas!) We also become ravenous when we get that free chips & salsa. It is a sight 🙂 another thing I love about Cancun trips.

One of the nights we decided to go to the outdoor mall again to see the Dolphin show we went to last year. Yep! It was that good! It was my 3rd time and I still loved it. Johnny and Nolan had never seen it so we thought it was a worthwhile show to go see. It always just leaves me wishing I was a dolphin trainer OR that I could have a dolphin as a pet.

Which brings me to my next post…which will be on our day in Tulum and our epic hours spent in the monkey sanctuary 🙂 hours I will never forget!