Time Flies…

When you are growing a human inside of you…

haha just kidding. But seriously I felt like the first trimester FLEW by. Then here I am just kickin it in the second trimester — like hello? Can it be August already?

Of course a lot of things have happened since I last posted. I struggle with the blog world. I think I am going to make an effort to make sure I post monthly starting now.

Things of the past 88 days:

– Ty and I finally bucked up and found a house. We signed papers in February and right now the house is being built! (ETA: July 2014) YUP scary! Could be moving in around the same time this little babe comes! Pic of ground dug into in slideshow!

-We found out the gender of our sweet little baby. AND had a “gender reveal” party to find out. See video.

-Went on a cruise with the Heaton’s to Cozumel, Honduras and Belize.

-I am growing at a rapid pace now 🙂

-Went to Portland to help Ty’s grandpa & grandma Hill clear out their house and move the remaining stuff to Utah so Sue could take care of them. {Portland was beautiful. Tried the Voodoo donuts. Some street tacos. Helped with the garage sale and saw Portland then drove back to Utah}

Gender Reveal

Things of the next 88 days:

-We celebrate our 3rd Anniversary tomorrow. It’s been 5 years of knowing this wonderful hooligan. I wouldn’t change it for the world. He has made my life so enjoyable and kept me on my toes since the day we met. Keeps me laughing and working at being a better me. I love him more now than I did then and I can only imagine how much more love will come with the changes and years that are ahead.

IMG_3596 IMG_3765

-Our friends, Matt & Lexi, are getting married! Exciting!

-Possibly one more “pre-baby moonaversary” trip

-Our house continuing to be built and possibly in 88 days we could be moving in (cross my fingers…)

-Getting ready to become parents (OMG – that is weird but SO exciting 🙂 )


Life is changing and I know it’s for the better. Can’t wait for all that awaits. I will post more I promise!

It’s Been A Minute…

Well looks like I slack again. I haven’t posted since FEBRUARY. A LOT has happened since then.


 Scott had a 4 generation Gibson photo taken with Grandpa Raymond, Robert, Scott & Nicholas…and Grandma 🙂

Valentines day with my hubs is the best. I can always count on that one day a year to be waited on. He makes me dinner and makes it ONE of the best days of the year {next to our Anniversary & my birthday :)} This year he went with authentic mexican tacos. Flowered me with love and gifts. I did the 14 days of Valentines for him. It was fun. And he gave me one of the sweetest notes. I love his homemade cards more than any Hallmark card out there. Short and very sweet.

Went to St. George. Twice or more? Who is counting? First was to get our bikes. Bike rides in STG in the spring are seriously the most divine things next to those sugar cookies I live to eat when I am down there 🙂 and also for Ty’s mission reunion. It is fun to listen to all his old companions and mission friends reminisce. Tried us some swig. I don’t drink pop but BOY I “swigged” that Dirty DP down like it was my job 😉

Fun times with friends is always a must. Matt & Lex. Devin. The Heatons.

We even had our first Cabella’s trip with Papa. Ty was pretty amused. It was lots of fun.

Next STG trip was for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert!!! Which was absolutely amazing. Like no joke. I had my hair in people’s mouths, sweaty armpits and who knows where else….all so I could be in the front section to get some epic pics. Mission accomplished. Never doing that again. Nast. BUT the next day we went to Vegas for some fun. Shopping, sun, tourist walkabouts. Gotta love Vegas….gambling? no we didn’t do that 😉

Weddings. Cousin’s baseball games. Ty using our ottoman & couch cushions to form a chair to be the dealer of our late night black jack games.

Holding Kacee & Sam’s new baby, Hayes.

Celebrating 2 years with the man that brings me the most smiles, laughs and love I could ever imagine. Best 2 years of my life and many more to come. He seriously is my best friend who I can get annoyed of but never want to get rid of. Best decision I ever made. AND he surprised me with Paramore tickets. I nearly cried. {Then Hayley got sick and cancelled the concert…but it was the thought that counts AND the fact that if they come back we will go 🙂 }

Ty graduated! He is no longer a college student. A BYU Business Management Graduate. How proud I am of him. He really is a talented lad. Taught himself a lot of things to better himself with his web design. His artistic brain will always amaze me and top it with his dedication to something. It is impressive. I wish I had his artistic eye for things.

THEN I did the “unbelievable” I cut 10 inches off of my hair. Oh boy! And it was kind of a surprise to Ty. But after the initial shock, he ended up liking it. I gave it to Locks for Love. Plus it was time for a little change 🙂

Another Vegas trip with Matt & Lex. We saw the show Kà in Vegas. AMAZING. It was seriously the best stage and acrobatic insanity I have seen thus far in my life. We also went to the show called the Mentalist. That gave our brains a workout the rest of the night. We explored places I have never seen in Vegas. Lots of fun.

Brought Rookie to STG with us for Mother’s Day and to help mama with her Spokes for Hope race. We made her breakfast and promised her a family photo shoot once Lindsey, Scott & Nicholas were back in Utah. It was also fun having mom attend church with us 🙂

Spent time with the hubs and took Rissa on the hike to the Y. Man my legs hurt for days after.

That about sums up the snippets of our life this last few months. I know I will slack again but I hope I can keep up so I can at least put a little more detail into these snippets 🙂